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 Nature Conservation Society (NCS)

Humanity for Man & Nature

The "Nature Conservation Society (NCS)" - Sri Lanka was established in August 2005 and officially registered by the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) as a non-profit environmental organisation in Sri Lanka in February 2006.

Registration-No.: 6/6/17/9/26 (see original registration certificate)

  I   Our goals: 

Wildlife extermination, soil depletion, deforestation, waste dumping, water pollution due to the draining of sewage into rivers and the ocean, air pollution, coral mining, etc. - these environmental issues are common in developing countries and result mostly of ignorance or financial problems of the locals, but also of high population numbers and economic growth. The effect is not only a danger for the pants and animals and the loss of the beauty of the landscape, but also threatens the health of the population (mainly by the bad water quality) and causes a low life expectancy. So due to ignorance and poverty, mankind in Sri Lanka is destroying its own livelihood.

  II   What we do: 

The NCS wants to help saving the unique nature and creating a healthy environment for the local communities. To overcome the current problems, a fundamental understanding of nature and wildlife conservation on one hand and of human needs on the other hand has to be developed. To care for the environment and the nature means also to care about the people who live in it - because one can not live without the other and both are influencing the other respectively.

In order to achieve our goals, the Nature Conservation Society (NCS) acts as a "mediator between the nature and the local population and tourists". Our main fields of activity are the following four:

  • Explanation

    to the population as well as to visitors concerning the topics endangered nature and animal species, sustainable treatment of natural resources and general nature conservation.

  • Education 

    by an efficient environmental education programme for young people to increase the environmental awareness as well as

    by further education of the economically weak and disadvantaged families in rural areas with free lessons in English and computer skills as well as in different handicraft techniques in order to increase their chances to earn more money.

  • Active preservation

    by the invention and institution of eco-friendly solution for everyday life as well as 

    by the implementation of activities in the field of nature conservation in cooperation (e.g., the collecting of waste at the beach) with the population, schools and other institutions.

  • Internatational cooperation 

    by the integration of local and foreign voluntary workers in daily work
    (see 'Nature Volunteers')

  III Our members: 

The management of the society have been elected by its members as follows:

President - Chandralal Premakumara M.G.
Delegate/Secretary - Neil Rupasinghe
Cashier - Andrea Launhardt

Other members: Buddika Jayasinghe, Veena Lakmali, Indika Prasanna, Deshan Chamaljit
Member and coordination in Germany: Ilona Launhardt

  We warmly welcome every new member!  

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Art competition in Sri Lanka - 2016

 Art Competition in Sri Lanka - organized from the Nature Conservation Society (NCS)

The NCS invites all students from Grade 6 up to A-Level to participate the all - island wide art competition: " Environmental problems and destruction in Sri Lanka".

Eligibility: - open for students from Grade 6 to Grade 13 (A-Level) in Sri Lanka
               - paper size: up to A2

Categories: 6 - according to the grade (categorie 1 = Grade 6, ect.).

Prices: 1st = 10.000 RS, 2nd = 5.000 Rs, 3rd = 3.000 RS (for each categorie).

Deadline: send the art work till 20 August 2016 to the NCS, No.41, Devala Rd., Kaluwamodara, Aluthgama

Read here all information about the art competition.